The Person Behind The Airport’s Name.

John Henry Sasser seemed like such a serious name for the laid-back, brown-eyed boy with an easy smile, so everyone called him Hank.

From a young age Hank was an old soul. He enjoyed waking up before dawn to watch the sun rise. He was kind-hearted and a good listener. He loved his family and was a loyal friend.

He was raised to be a Texas Longhorns fan, then eagerly followed in his big sister’s footsteps to the University of Oklahoma. He thrived in young adulthood, finding a calling in leadership and a fascination for aviation.

After graduating from OU, these two passions provided the trajectory for Hank’s life. He spent his days leading and growing a team of professionals in the staffing industry where he liked to say he was “in the business of changing lives.”

On evenings, weekends, and any other free moment he could steal away, he took to the skies over Austin in his prized Citabria, which he dubbed Lil Red.

In short, Hank was living out his dreams, and we wish that is where this narrative ended.

“Keep It Going”

On a sunny Saturday morning on August 2014, Hank died in an accidental plane crash. Suddenly, those who loved Hank most were forced to recalibrate their lives without him in it.

As his family and friends reflected on his 24 years of life in the weeks and months that followed, two things became clear: Hank lived with purpose.

The impact of his purpose-driven life does not end with his death. They had to “Keep it Going”. These three simple words from Hank have become the rally cry for honoring his life by resolving to continue to dream, to impact, to give, and yes, even to fly, in his memory.

Quote from Don Richie: “This young man made an incredible impression on me with his excitement and enthusiasm for aviation. I looked forward to his early morning flights and later his messages about being of like minds when I would post pictures of washing my plane. He once said it must be the coolest thing ever to own an airport. WELL, CHAMP, YOU DID EVEN BETTER, YOU HAVE A WHOLE DANG AIRPORT NAMED AFTER YOU!”

How Breakaway Park Began.

In 1977, Walter Yates, a US Marine Corps veteran and amateur pilot, bought land to develop a fly-in community. Breakaway Park was built as a subdivision of the City of Cedar Park and included a 3,000 foot (914.4 m) grass runway in the center of the community.

In the beginning, there was only a single unpaved runway and a few hangars at the northern end of Breakaway. Development continues through today with improvements and expansion of the airport. Walter Yates was president of Breakaway Park, Incorporated, which managed the subdivision, until the company’s dissolution in March 2001.

2001 Through Today.



In 2001, Breakaway Park residents Donald Richie and Dennis Gale purchased and acquired ownership of the airport.



It was placed under the operating entity of D&D Airport Holdings, LTD, in 2003.


Runway Resurfacing

Breakaway’s grass runway was paved over with asphalt in 2005. The length and width remained unchanged.



Airport Name Change in 2014

In 2014, Breakaway Airport changed its name to Hank Sasser/Breakaway Airport in honor of amateur pilot John Henry “Hank” Sasser. He was a Cedar Park native that operated his personal aircraft out of Breakaway, and died in an airplane crash in Lago Vista, Texas on August 23, 2014.



Taxiways were completed in 2015.

Airport Diagram.

Airport Information & Communication Frequency

Runway Length 3000 feet
Airport Elevation 897Ft
Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Austin ATC 119.0

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Traffic Pattern

Right Hand 33
Left Hand 15

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Founded in 1991, AFSC is based in Dallas and serves Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. With the help of amazing and generous volunteer pilots, we provide free flights for people in need of humanitarian assistance or medical treatment.

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TravelTech Aircraft Services is a highly responsive aircraft maintenance concierge service. We bring the maintenance shop to your location thereby delivering a greater level of convenience and efficiency. Memberships are limited so we can deliver quality work and premium customer service.

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I love to share my passion for flying with others!​

I am currently offering airshows in my 1940 Boeing Stearman. My performance in the Stearman is an aerial display of power and grace in the spirit of vintage barnstorming.

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