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A Fly In Community For Avid Pilots

Hank Sasser Airport at Breakaway is an airport residential community located in Cedar Park, Texas. It was developed and built by Walter Yates in 1977. Walter was a colorful character with a passion for aviation, especially helicopters.

The airport community has attracted other pilots with a passion for aviation. Imagine being a pilot and being able to walk out to your backyard, hop in your plane, and fly off to wherever you want. It’s a thrill to walk around and visit other pilots in their hangars and listen to great stories. As time goes on, those stories sometimes become embellished much like fishermen’s stories. Our residents enjoy living in a community where it does not matter what you do for a living – you could be a CEO or a construction worker. Everyone is equal because of their focus and love of being a pilot and being around other pilots

Walter Yates – Our Colorful Founder

Walter was driven by tales of gold mining and ended up in Alaska doing just that. Like most, he was looking for the motherload which remained elusive. While flying his helicopter back to Texas over British Columbia the tail rotor broke causing him to crash. He survived 14 days with a broken back and other severe injuries. During the 14 days he saw many search and rescue planes, but they did not see him. Finally, one spotted the tail section of his helicopter, and he was rescued. He returned to Cedar Park and the Breakaway community where he lived into his nineties.

He never stopped building things and some of his accomplishments were a Stagecoach, Electric Truck, and countless other projects. He even built his own casket made from trees on his property.

We want this website to be a great association resource – and we hope our members enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it!

-Your Association Board Members

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